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  2. i stood in the rain to take these

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  3. There’s a halo above my head

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  4. Look how thick my hair is. If I ever needed a pompadour for whatever reason id be set

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  8. weloveshortvideos:

    So my sister was filming her cats outside… 

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  9. Anonymous said: you're cute or something

    probably or something

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  10. Anonymous said: You're really cute I was actually going to say that earlier when I saw the window post but now you said to say so, here I am to tell you that u are dang cute

    why do you only have to say it once? why not twice? there is no limit on complimenting me

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  11. Anonymous said: dang ur cute

    truly tho? arent i?

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  12. Anonymous said: tbh i always go on anon bc i'm super shy and idk i just have this irrational fear that if i put my name on something people will check out my blog and be disappointed or not like me or i won't measure up to their expectations or whatever so yeah idk

    you know, i can honestly say that this is a fear ive had too. And you know, even if someone isnt like attracted to you, it doesnt mean you cant be friends. if your/ anyones physical “beauty” has anything to do with someones’ willingness to connect or be friends with them then they probably are not worth befriending in the first place

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  14. honestly why dont people just call me cute off anon more often. i mean, its not like i know you in person or anything. and maybe i think your cute too. why you gotta go and play games like this 


  15. somebody call me cute or something