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    1. me: damn bro.... she is just so exotic...
    2. friend: what? dude that is just a peacock.
    3. me: she is... beautiful.....
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    Night at the hospital

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    Aedel Fakhrie | DrawCrowd (via Aedel Fakhrie | DrawCrowd)

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    you wouldn’t download a girlfriend.


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  6. Anonymous said: u can thank ellie slayboybunny for this thirst follow

    Oh boy


  7. Anonymous said: you're so cute what the heck



  8. Guys if u ever wanna draw fan art of me, the worlds up and coming internet sensation, you can tag it as “art4arch” for me 2 see

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    Tomorrow the Trailer Arrives! #FiftyShades

    What the fresh fuck

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  11. Why did I gain 18 followers over night. Btw I broke 1k

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    What the heck? Where’s my shirt?

    travis has the body of a hot dad like 100 percent. travis become a tumblr daddy dom. do the whipping gif and let your true calling career take off.  everything else is a waste


  13. I cannot believe there’s a fifty shades of grey promo post

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