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    Comic strip artists from the 40’s draw their characters while blindfolded

    >tfw no gf

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    Novotroitsk, Russia

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    photosynthesis… hacked

    we’ve accessed the mainframe

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  6. might i interest you in a power crystal? slightly used

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    Life is full of entrees so don’t fill up on bread

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    Omar Khadr, a sixteen year old Guantanamo Bay detainee weeps uncontrollably, clutching at his face and hair as he calls out for his mother to save him from his torment. “Ya Ummi, Ya Ummi (Oh Mother, Oh Mother),” he wails repeatedly, hauntingly with each breath he takes.

    The surveillance tapes, released by Khadr’s defence, show him left alone in an interrogation room for a “break” after he tried complaining to CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) officers about his poor health due to insufficient medical attention. Ignoring his complaints and trying to get him to make false confessions, the officers get frustrated with the sixteen year old’s tears and tell him to get himself together by the time they come back from their break.

    “You don’t care about me. Nobody cares about me,” he sobs to them.

    The tapes show how the officers manipulated Khadr into thinking that they were helping him because they were also Canadian and how they taunted him with the prospect of home (Canada), (good) food, and familial reunion.

    Khadr, a Canadian, was taken into US custody at the age of fifteen, tortured and refused medical attention because he wouldn’t attest to being a member of Al Qaeda, even though he was shot three times in the chest and had shrapnel embedded in his eyes and right shoulder. As a result, Khadr’s left eye is now permanently blind, the vision in his right eye is deteriorating, he develops severe pain in his right shoulder when the temperature drops, and he suffers from extreme nightmares.

    He has been incarcerated at Guantanamo Bay since 2002, suffering extremely harsh interrogations and torture (methods), and is now 25 years old.

    27 now, and still imprisoned

    i’m in complete shock. i’m so nauseous right now. how is this possible? i don’t know what to do w/ this information. i share it because i can’t imagine that anyone else knows about this. the boy has been incarcerated, tortured, and basically maimed allll w/out a trial. my heart hurts :/


    Omar is no longer in Guantanamo. Left without options, he pled guilty to war crimes so that he’d be given an eight year sentence and be able to transfer to a prison in Canada. He remains in prison there. His story is absolutely heartbreaking. This was a 15 year old boy who has been described as crying out for his mother, who slept holding a Mickey Mouse book one of his captors gave him. A teenager taken from his family, tortured, humiliated, threatened with rape, and falsely imprisoned for 12 years now. You can help Omar by writing to him, donating for his defense, and signing petitions for him. Please visit to learn more.

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    I’m quitting art club

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  10. poor guy

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    This is too intense

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    Swakopmund Rest Camp, Namibia. Photo by Blackwych.

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  13. if i had to describe my life in one picture

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    PlayStation TV will support almost 700 games when it releases to North America next month ⊟

    Remember PlayStation TV, the microconsole that lets you play PS Vita games — along with digital PSP, PlayStation, and PC Engine titles you purchased for the handheld via PSN — on your television? I keep forgetting it’s coming out, but the system releases in North America on October 14 and Europe/Australia on November 14.

    Sony put out a list of the nearly 700 games the microconsole will support on day one. Spelunky, Danganronpa, Dragon’s Crown, and Persona 4 Golden are on the list, and Minecraft is also planned for support, so I’m happy.

    You can preorder the $99.99 console online now. Sony is also releasing a $139.99 bundle that will include a DualShock 3 controller, an 8GB memory card, and The Lego Movie Videogame. Walmart will have an exclusive bundle with all of that, plus Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, for the same price too.

    BUY PS Vita, 1-year PS Plus membership, upcoming games

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