1. Toilet selfies

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  2. ever since i moved into college the only snack food weve really always had is popcorn. not matter the circumstances weve had like 3 different boxes of popcorn in the pantry at any given time. Ive eaten so much popcorn


  3. tomorrow to do: talk to ellie, work on comic, take a nap, go to bed before 1am. if i can do all this, itll ensure Wednesday is a good day too


  4. im gonna be doing some possible unfollwing just because ive been stressed thru the roof and i only really want to follow blogs that post certain stuff.. if i do unfollow u tho, ill probably end up refollowing anyone im in a mutual with… if i unfollow a mutual. which i prob wont.

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  7. i want to pet this bear

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  11. weloveshortvideos:

    Random crow shows up on dude’s porch, looks him straight in the face and says ‘fuck you’

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  12. Anonymous said: Can you sing?

    i like to sing to myself. im bad at singing though, in all honesty. but some people like bad singers, and i mean that 100%

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  13. archewill:

    they call her a dungeon master, or something like that


  14. Anonymous said: Wait, let me rectify, why are you so attractive it makes me awkward? I'm sorry I can't word things. You should totally post more videos with audio because that voice

    tell me what to say and I’ll say it


  15. Anonymous said: Why are you so awkwardly attractive? I want to be your friend.

    Awkwardly attractive is probably the only form of Attractiveness I could ever manifest